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Venus de Murany

15 Maria Szechy Venus de Murany

1627… Maria Szechy, (Venus of Murany) the owner of Murany Castle, from nowdays Slovakia, married Stefan Bethlen, the new owner of Magna Curia Castle…

She was 17 years old, being of a beauty out of ordinary.

When she was 20, became a widow. Soon she remarried Stefan Kun, who forced her to move in Alba Iulia, on his domains.

After a short time she lived him because he was a very rude and violent man, moving back to Deva, at Magna Curia.

Annoyed by this and after many attemps to bring her back, Stefan Kun suddenly attacked Magna Curia, during night.

When the gate was besiged, Maria ran to the Deva Fortress and came back, leading the soldiers from the citadele and defeated her husbands` little army.

În 1640, Maria Szechy sells the citadele, the Castle Magna Curia and the Deva Domain, for 6.000 thalers, to the Prince Gheorghe Rakoczy I.

She returned to her property in Murany, Slovakia and she defetead another military attack lead by Count Francisc Wesselenyi (1605-1667). They lived a love story although he was married at that time with Zsófia Bosnyák.

Contele Wesselenyi married Maria Szechy în 1664, when Venus of Murany was 54 years.